AI to improve your photo?

Years ago, when I just started to explore the world of photography, I owned a camera that was just horrible when it came to taking photo’s with poor lighting. Most of the time I was just left with one solution and that was cranking up the ISO up to the point you could barely see […]


Hello! I’m Simone. I’m a creative designer and photographer with a knack for online branding. My motto? Creating and designing beautiful things that connect with people. I was born and raised in the Netherlands and currently work as a visual producer in The Hague while living with my boyfriend in Utrecht. In the past I […]

5 tips for street photography in London

As many of you know I used to live in London. Now that I moved back to the Netherlands, visiting London has become much more of a treat and running around with my camera is one of the things I enjoy most when I’m around. Along the years I’ve had some trial and errors when […]

Why I love taking a photo?

I often get the question why I’m not doing video? This is why: a photo creates space to think about what happened before and after the photo was taken, it’s just the one frame and everything else is up to the viewer. What was happening in that shot? Who was there? Were there any people […]

I am live!

For the last few months I’ve been working on my portfolio website and now I’m finally able to say that I’m live! Main focus is still showcasing my latest work but also a platform to share my thoughts and ideas. Would you like to contact me? I’m on most social media platforms but you can […]