About me

Neurodiversity is the power of creative transition.

Our world is largely structured to accommodate the neurotypical norm, even though about 20 to 25% of people identify as neurodivergent.

As a creative designer with a neurodivergent mind myself, I often see this reflected in our daily lives.

For instance, color contrasts on a website often lead to neurodivergent individuals disengaging. A busy space with lots of noise, light, and decoration causes a neurodivergent person to prefer staying at home. And IT systems that are unnecessarily cumbersome and needlessly complex make it difficult for many people to find what they need.

Solutions often start with the best intentions but frequently get bogged down in a prolonged process, sidelining creativity and innovation. Initiating your transition involves bringing people with different types of minds to the table. Neurodiversity is the power of creative transformation.

A more fitting term for this is Neurodiversity Design, and I strive to apply this approach daily in my life and role as visual producer at the Dutch government.