AI to improve your photo?

Years ago, when I just started to explore the world of photography, I owned a camera that was just horrible when it came to taking photo’s with poor lighting. Most of the time I was just left with one solution and that was cranking up the ISO up to the point you could barely see the photo through all the noise. 

I thought these pictures could not be rescued until someone told me about the magic of AI photo improvement. there’s many options out there but I discovered Topaz Labs. 

Topaz has a demo version for you to try out but you can’t export or save any files onto your computer but even trying the demo convinced me immediately to buy the software. 

Topaz supports the import and export of RAW files and has a useful plugin for Lightroom and Photoshop. Here’s an example of an old photo I enhanced. 

First I open the unedited RAW file in Topaz and enhance the quality before I go back to Lightroom to do my edits;d

I enhance the image first before I fix the lighting

The improvement is absolutely stunning. By re-calculating every single pixel in this photo the software was able to re-create it. 

Now I export the photo in RAW and go back to Lightroom where I do some basic Lighting edits:

The stunning result after Lightroom edits

I am absolutely amazed by this result but I invite you to try the demo for yourself. You can download it on