5 tips for street photography in London

As many of you know I used to live in London. Now that I moved back to the Netherlands, visiting London has become much more of a treat and running around with my camera is one of the things I enjoy most when I’m around. Along the years I’ve had some trial and errors when running around with equipment but these five tips could possibly avoid helping you make the same mistakes I did.

1. Forget the tube

It’s fast, it’s convenient, it’s super easy. However, it’s not very exciting. Personally I love the tube because it reminds me of the first time I went to London and the freedom I felt but if you have your mind set on street photography the best way to find the most unique spots is by bus or by foot.

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My personal favourite is to hop on a random bus without looking where it goes first and get off when you see an area that looks appealing to you and start walking from there.


2. Wear comfortable shoes

You are probably going to put the miles in and wearing comfortable shoes is an absolute must. It’s not about design, it’s about comfort. My favourite pair of shoes are neon pink Asics. Can’t miss me!

3. Bring your laptop

For a long time I thought bringing my laptop was unnecessary weight to drag along but now I’ve switched to a super light MacBook pro it’s definitely something I don’t go without. I used to edit photos later when I got home but now I edit on the spot in a local coffee bar or lunch place. The benefit of this is that you are still in the vibe wile you do your light editing and it’s a nice bonus to give your feet some rest.

4. Buy an anti-theft backpack

If like me you drag alone a fairly amount of equipment the last thing you want is to worry about who’s standing behind you when you take the shot of the century. With an anti-theft backpack your stuff is safe and you reduce your stress-levels significantly while you focus on the shot. I own this beauty: https://www.xd-design.com/be-nl/bobby-hero-regular-anti-theft-backpack-black but there’s a lot of options out there.


5. Stick to one lens (but bring more)

If you only own one body it’s best to just stick to one lens. London is polluted so changing your lens on the spot can cause your mirror to become dirty. It also gives you a nice consistency in style, look and feel. If you bring more lenses swap them in your hotel room or a secure place. If you do own two bodies (lucky you) I’d recommend a shoulder/neck-strap with two attachment points to release some pressure from your neck. You can also easily wear one under your jacket and backpack.