Website LibDem Entrepreneurs network

For the website of the LibDem Entrepreneurs Network I did the design of the homepage. Click on the image to view in full size.

The Lib Dem battle bus

One of the most amazing things I did during my work in London was designing a complete bus! I’m extremely proud.

The Lib Dem stage set

One of my proudest achievements when working for the Liberal Democrats is the design for our Autumn and Spring conferences in

Stop Brexit

Now, everyone knows the Liberal Democrats want to Stop Brexit, and rightly so! The amount of graphics I made for this cause ar

Policy Graphics

In politics, there are policies, and every political party needs to find a way to communicate them to the people. That’s

Animation time!

I made a range of Animations, IG stories and other videos for the Lib Dems during the EU elections of 2019. Please find them b

B*llocks to Brexit

I’m extremely proud that I was able to make the design for the Lib Dem manifesto cover reaching millions of people all o

Conference Photography

I never go anywhere without my Canon and I took many shots at Lib Dem conferences. Below  few examples!

Wannaskin Website Design

Back in the days, when it was still cool to pimp your blackberry, I did the design for a website called Wannaskin where users

Liberal Democrat Design work

In my, now three years, time at the Liberal Democrats I designed a lot of on- and offline content. This varies from web pages

Website design for ‘HBO Nederland’ University

For the new website of a University in the Netherlands I did the design of the homepage and the landing page for their Open Ho

Illustrations video project

Illustrations I made for a video project based on Photography.